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    trapping line feed characters in input fields

    chopTheWood Level 1
      I have a Flash input form in which I can eliminate unwanted ascii characters such as leading or trailing spaces, etc. with charCodeAt(i). But line feeds have no ascii value that I know of (as spaces do). As a result, the text stored in the created text files look like this:
      &iunframed=Price on Request

      rather than this (preferred):
      &ititle=Oh-Oh&iwidth=6&iheight=12&imedia=watermedia&imaterial=paper&iunframed=Price on Request&iframed=P.O.R.&istatus=sold&

      The problem is with reading these variables and throwing them into a single line Dynamic Field... you only see the first line.
      I suppose I could hunt for the URL code for line feed (%OA) after importing the variables and slice it out of the string, but it would be simpler if I could eliminate it from the input field to begin with.

      Any ideas... thanks