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    WebService and XML

      How can we send any XML stream to a WebService ?

      I want to build a XML stream dynamically like this: <User id="1" firstName="Bob"/> and to send it to a web service method. I've tried many practives but nothing is working:

      <mx:operation name="AddAccount">
      <mx:request xmlns="">
      <User firstName="Bob"/>
      In this case, the attribute is removed from the stream (!!!)

      WCF.AddAccount.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, GetData_OnResult);
      WCF.AddAccount.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, GetData_OnFault);
      var accountXML:XMLDocument = new XMLDocument();
      accountXML.parseXML("<User>" + "32" + "</User>");
      WCF.AddAccount.arguments["Account"] = accountXML;
      In this base, the service receive a strange stream like this:
      <attributes>[object Object]</attribute>

      Is there something working fine ???