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    Display Server Side Include at top of scrollable Div

    M K B Level 1


      In this topic, I will be referring to the following containers on my page:


      DIV A:  Contains the content of the page; this div has overflow set to scroll.

      DIV B: Contains the links


      DIV A contains 3 different server side includes, each with a different ID. Using the Show/Hide Element, I have set it so that when a link in Div B is clicked, the appropriate server side include is displayed in DIV A, and the other two server side includes are set to hide.


      The only problem is that when their appropriate links are clicked, SSI 2 and SSI 3 do not appear at the top of DIV A, but at the position they would be if all SSIs were set to show, so the user has to scroll to see SSI and SS 2.


      Do you folks know of any way to have the SSI display at the top of DIV A?


      It occurred to me that instead of using Show/Hide behavior, I may need to somehow include an SSI only when a DIV B link is clicked, and when a different DIV B link is clicked, that SSI is stripped form the page and the appropriate SSI is included.Is that even possible?


      Does this make sense to all of you?