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    Forcing Reader 9 to be the default (GPO Deployment)?


      I have a company environment with several hundred PCs running XP and Vista with some Windows 7.


      Most to all will have some form of Acrobat Reader installed, most likely 7 or 8 with some of the newer machines having 9.


      Some will have full Acrobat Standard or Professional installed, again usually 7, 8 or 9.


      Given all the Acrobat exploits that have been recently exposed I want to get all of our machines using a (patched) Reader 9 to view PDF files by default, however I've noticed a bit of a problem:


      If I use the Adobe Customization Wizard to create an MSI with a Transform, unless I choose the "Let the Installer decide" option to choose the default application to use for PDFs, I find that browser integration doesn't work at all, so I can't open PDFs from within Internet Explorer.


      If I do choose the "Let the Installer decide" option and the machine has full Acrobat Standard or Pro already installed, Reader 9 installs, but PDF files stay associated with the full product, so I lose the benefit/reason to be installing Reader 9.


      I can't be the only one who's encountered this as I read tales of woe around this kind of thing from sysadmins all over the world, but what I've not yet seen is a solution to the problem?


      In a nutshell, all I want to do is install Reader 9 and have it be used by default for PDF files regardless of any other version/product installed - it's 2010, it shouldn't be that difficult should it?


      Thanks in advance.

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unfortunately I don't know enough about deployment to help there but what I do know is that having more than one Acrobat product (Acrobat, Reader...etc) is not a supported nor recommended setup. The symptoms you describe match the symptoms that most users in here descibe when both products are installed.


          To make a long story short, I have never seen a definitive solution in here or anywhere else for that matter.

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            hutchingsp Level 1

            Appreciate the reply.  Of course the problem is that if you have Acrobat full 7 or 8 installed, there is no easy way to deploy updates (if users aren't Administrators) that I know of, and that's if updates are still available for that version - of course Adobe would simply say to upgrade, but it's difficult to justify the cost when the product still works.


            Sadly Adobe don't seem to make anything like Microsoft's WSUS to aid in detecting where updates are required, and in deploying them so it seems (happy to be pointed somewhere that shows I have the wrong end of the stick) that short of all manner of home-brew batch files or expensive commercial patch deployment software, that there is no simple way to just say "Patch all my Adobe installations".

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              MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I believe Acrobat 8 is still being patched for security issues. I'm not sure about Acrobat 7. I think Acrobat 7 was recently put on end of life status.


              The last Acrobat patch for 8.x was 2/16/2010

              For Acrobat 7.x it was 10/13/2009