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    How to get rid of unused blank space in video timeline

    BJBBJB1 Level 1

      I searched and could only find answers about deleted "blank space" in a timeline.

      My question is on the grey, unused space above video track one (assuming you only have one video track).

      If I could get rid of this there is a lot of additional space I could give my monitor...

      Perhaps this is because my default sequence started wtih 3 video tracks?  But I deleted two...and still the grey space above video track 1 is there.


      Of course I can resize the timeline vertically, but by the time it is big enough to display all my audio tracks, it leaves a bunch of blank space on top of my one live video track. I guess PP wants to center the tracks vertically.


      Is there any way to change this?  Had I started with one video track would that have made a difference?