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    Client Uploadable .pdf File


      I design websites using Dreamweaver MX (PHP-MySQL server) and have intermediate experience. I have a new client in the plant nursery business for whom I am updating (redoing) a website. He wants to be able to perform a monthly update on his available products list. On his old site, he is presently using a table that is laboriously updated once-a-month using Netscape Navigator. I need assistance in finding a better way to allow him to update this information. A friend suggested using a form. The client wondered if he can use an Excel spreadsheet that he prints into a .pdf file for monthly uploading. He wants the product list to appear in table or spreadsheet form on the webpage and also wants a link to a printable .pdf form of the same document.

      He also wants a "Plant of the Month" photo in the bottom, right-hand corner of his home page that he can update on a monthly basis. Any ideas on how to accomplish this as well?

      Thank you for your time!

      ~Suzi Sunshine~
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          I suggest installing a dowload manager.
          Most of them have a file area that allows users to dowload files and a login area for your client to upload files.

          Have you suggested webstie maintenance services. Otherwise you could make the image dynamic and allow him to update from a script you would have to write.

          If you don' want to go through he hassle for one image, maybe you could suggest he place a image of a plant with maybe some text on how to care for it like a plant tip limited to about 2-3 sentences. Have him submit 5 tips make all the plants and text an image then add javascript to have a new tip load everytime a user comes to the home page.