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    Offline problems


      I must admit to owning a lowly (and slightly aged) Premiere Elements 1.0. However it has served me pretty well up to now.  I've made several family films which were ok.  On the latest one I added titles at different points of the film.  I have saved the film to dvd and it runs as it should and the titles scroll through in all the right places.


           I recently went back to my film, intending to burn another copy to dvd, only to find that where there were titles, there is now a big red sign which says "Media Offline" in different languages.  I  can't find any way of getting my titles back no matter what I try.  Has anyone found the same problem, and found a solution?  I can't even load the film back onto Premiere from my dvd.  If anyone has any good ideas how to resolve this I would very much appreciate it.  

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Not sure exactly how PrE 1.0 handled Titles. In later versions, they are saved within the Project file. Going back some generations in PrPro, they were Saved as .PRTL files, that were separate from the Project file.


          Just guessing here, but have you Moved, Renamed, or Deleted any .PRTL files from your system?


          In a worst-case scenario, I would say that if you did not, then there might be some corruption with your Project file, the PREL (assume that that format was used in PrE 1.0). It might be easier to just redo the Titles, replacing the Off-Lined Titles.


          Also, when you Opened the Project, did you get any messages, asking "Where is file _____?"


          I just do not know the exact flow in PrE 1.0, so I am just guessing above.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            As Hunt says, this is an indication that your project can't find the link to your media, either because it has been moved or deleted from your computer.


            Are you sure it's the titles that are the problem? Most often the missing files are video clips.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Do you recall how Titles were handled in PrE 1.0? I know that Pr, through version 5.0, used a program, TitleDeko, and it used a proprietary format. With Pr 6.0 one ended up with a .PRTL file, outside of the Project file, and with PrPro 1.0, that Titles were included inside the Project file, unless one did a Save/Template for the Titles to use in other Projects. I just do not know exactly where the OP should be looking for the Titles - in the Project folder, or if they are inside the PREL file.





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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I'm not sure if the program used a titler plug-in in version 1, Hunt, but I do believe you're right that it saved the titles as files within the project folder.


                It sounds as though, in the poster's system, those files were either moved or deleted.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Thank you. As stated by us both above, the Media Off-line is almost always due to Renaming*, or Deletion.


                  The fact that these seem to be Titles puzzle me though, hence the questions on just how those were handled in PrE 1.0.


                  Your earlier question about whether these Off-lined files being "near" a Title, but actually be AV Assets is a good one. That should be easily investigated from the Project Panel, as one's Assets will show Off-line there too.


                  To the OP - good luck, and let us know what is observed in the Project Panel.





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                    Kingspeaker Level 1

                    Hello Bill,   It's good of  you to try to resolve this problem.  I don't

                    believe I deleted any .PRTL files from my system (at least not on purpose)

                    but you are right in questioning whether I have been asked "Where is

                    file......?" because that comes up when I re-open a project.  I can re-do

                    the titles, but it worries me that I may suffer the same problem again when

                    next I save a project.  Would it be wise to buy the latest Premiere Elements

                    would you suggest?  I'm by no means a professional, but I do enjoy editing

                    films. If I did buy PE8, could I transfer my projects from PE1 do you

                    reckon?  Thanks again.  Your support is very much appreciated.    Martin

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                      Kingspeaker Level 1

                      Hello Steve,


                                              Thanks for trying to help me out re. "The strange

                      matter of the missing titles". I have a feeling that you are right to say

                      that my project can't find the link to my media.  When I re-open a project

                      it immediately comes up with the question "Where is the file.......016jpg".

                      Yes it is the titles that are the problem, not the clips. They're fine.  The

                      plot thickens.  I think I will save my pennies and look for a new APE. Just

                      hope I can then transfer my projects from the old one to the new.  Thoughts?

                      Very many thanks.   Martin

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Meantime, when you get the "Where are" messages when you first open a project, do you browse and locate those files for your program?


                        Don't skip through this step. It could be that, once you re-link to your media, the problem will resolve itself.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Is PrE asking for .PRTL files, or some other AV Assets, like ______.AVI? Please make note of the exact names of the files that are being requested.


                          Now, Exit from PrE without doing a Save.


                          Go to Search and find the locations of those files asked for. Make note of the locations.


                          Start PrE and let it ask you again, Where is File _____.XXX? Navigate to the location of that/those file(s), and choose that. PrE is pretty smart, in that if it is missing multiple Assets, and they are in the same folder, if you find one, it will find the rest. Now, if they are in different folders, you will need to navigate to each of those, and select the missing file.


                          As for why this happened, I would still lean towards a Move, Rename or Deletion.


                          All versions of PrE will experience the same problem, should the files be Moved, Renamed or Deleted. This is because the .PREL (Project file) is only an XML database of links to Assets and instruction sets. There are no Assets in it, with the exception of the instructions to build what we would see as a PRTL (Title), if we did a Save of the Title. Break a link, and this will happen.


                          Good luck,