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    .swf flash player trouble


      The issue I'm having is loading a flash player to this site



      These are the steps I did


      This is what I did Insert > Media > SWF


      browse local view = ../xml-mp3-player-pi-10-source/pi/pi.swf


      the .fla file does not automatically load so i browse in the Dreamweaver properties panel and repeat the same steps


      browse local view = ../xml-mp3-player-pi-10-source/pi/pi.fla


      next step: I select the FL Edit button in Dreamweaver CS4. Adobe Flash CS4 then opens and I do the following  In the properties panel.


      I edit the Flash Player from it's original size to Size: 340 x 280 px and edit Stage from #000000 to #CCCCCC

      I then press Ctrl+S to update to Dreamweaver


      next step: in Dreamweaver I update and change the original width & height to Width: 340 and Height: 280 to meet the changes I made in Flash.

      I then press play in attempt to preview the player and the background where the player is supposed to be turns to solid #CCCCCC


      At this point I am thinking it's a properties assignment issue cause I can't even get the player to play in local view using the Live View option in Dreamweaver which is set to: Use Local Files For Document Links


      I uploaded the html file anyways hoping that Dreamweaver assigns all the files needed to run the player for me but the result I get is this  http://artofsounddj.com/weddingexample.html


      I also noticed that Dreamweaver made a Scripts folder for me aswell with two files inside named: expressInstall.swf and swfobject_modified.js

      Do I put these files into the same folder as local view = ../xml-mp3-player-pi-10-source/pi or do they go into the ROOT directory?


      The original file is named "xml-mp3-player-pi-10-source.zip" Inside this folder are folders named "myspace_protected_pi" myspace_unprotected_pi" "pi" "pi-flashvars" "pi-widget" "pi-widget-source" which are pretty much different versions of this flash player for myspace etc. Being that I don't plan to use the player for no other site but my website I only sent the folder named "pi" to my root directory being that every folder has pretty much the same things in them. Could it be that I have to send the entire "xml-mp3-player-pi-10-source" folder to my ROOT directory?


      My ROOT directory looks as follows:


      < ROOT/ pi <-- ie "pi" is folder with all the flash player files >
      < inside "pi" folder = folders & files named as follows in order >


      < folder name "_notes" >< inside folder name "_notes" = file >


      < folder name "caurina" >< inside folder name "caurina" = folder name "transitions" >
      < inside folder name "transitions" = files named >


      < folder name "font" >
      < inside folder name "font" = files named >


      < folder name "pi_player_assets" >
      < inside folder name "pi_player_assets" = files named >
      example.jpg (files x10)
      example.mp3 (files x10)


      < the files below are not in individual folders >

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          You have 2 missing files on that page both of which could cause your Flash to not play:





          The latter is a DW file used to allow Flash files to play.  The other one I'm not too sure of.  If you get that javascript file up to your web server I believe the SWF should play without issue.

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            neveah24 Level 1



            is the my roots ../pi/pi_player_assets/pi_player_assets.xml

            folder where the file was located originally so i left i there


            As for the swfobject_modified.js file I know exactly where it's at

            it's in a whole seperate location Dreamweaver created for called Scripts


            Am I supposed to replace the original swfobject.js with swfobject_modified.js