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    create a proofsheet

    andrewbish Level 1

      Is it possible for an Indesign Script to create and print off a proofsheet?


      I have a script that automatically exports an EPS to my cyber area, but now i want a physical record of sending the file.


      eg a txt file with the date and the cyber number.


      or even better

      Indesign saves off a jpg, creates a new indesign doc imports the file (top half of the page) all relevant info at the bottom (date, numbers etc.)


      and then prints that file.


      is all of this achievable?


      My knowledge of JS is average and i will attempt to write if i know it can be done?



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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Certainly possible.


          In your first scenario, all the information is there. Since it's already a script, you can append creating and saving the data file at the end of that one. Creating, writing, and saving a text file is easy.


          The second scenario is also no problem at all (for an advanced scripter), or a nice challenge (for the starting ones) because it addresses a lot of basic operations, that can be worked out one by one before combining: saving a JPEG, creating a document, placing that JPEG into ID, creating a text frame, applying nice formatting to it, etc.