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    Very low on system memory warning with plenty of memory left




      I am using Premiere Elements 7 on Windows XP, AMD 3GHz dual core with 4GB memory. I create DVDs based on AVCHD files from a Canon HF100, almost no editing, 1 hour of DVD content (8 GB worth of AVCHD files) . I have done this with the same configuration in the past without problems, but lately Premiere has been very unstable, either crashing outright or giving me the following warning:


      Adobe Premiere Elements is running very low on system memory. Please save your project and proceed with caution.


      When I try to burn a DVD, this warning is always shows within minutes, followed by a transcoding error. I tried everything to free up more space, nothing else significant is running on my machine, and I have exited most other background processes. When the above warning is shown, physical memory consumption is is reported as following:


      Commit Charge: 1.8 GB

      Premiere Elements process: 1.1 GB

      Free memory: 1.5 GB


      I also have virtual memory set to 8GB. Premiere scratch directories are on a disk with 500GB free space. I uninstalled and reinstalled Premiere, but no improvement.


      Other relevant software on my machine, some of it installed after I had my last successful DVD burn:


      Norton 360 2010 (Disabled Firewall and Autoprotect)

      Adobe Web Premium CS3

      Adobe Lightroom 2.5

      Copernic Desktop Search (Disabled)

      A number of free video tools, like HandBrake, AutoGK, AVISynth, VobSub, DVD Decrypter, Xvid

      Tivo Desktop (Disabled)

      iTunes (Disabled)


      Could there be any side effect from the other software? Any potential hardware problems I should investigate? Everything else works perfectly, including the other Adobe products.


      I very much appreciate your help, Premiere is unusable at the moment and I have some DVDs I desperately want to create.