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    can't load more than 24

    Vertine Level 1
      hi- i have a class that loads external images one by one. After one is complete, it begins loading the next till they are all in. Works fine....next, after the first image is "ready", a timer starts at intervals of 4000 mls. Each event of the timer, gives the current image showing an alpha of 0, and then fades in the next. If i load only 23 images or less, the whole thing is smooth. Add any more, and it looses resources (or something)- it just becomes super choppy. I am not sure where the resource problem is coming from. I have checked all my enter_frames and they seem to be removing event listeners well at the end of the necessary events....is there something else i should be thinking about?

      i can post the code of this multiloading class but it is long, so i thought i would start general.