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    How do I get rid of jagged, pixelated halo around type in Dreamweaver?

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      Dear Dreamweaver Forum,



      I am studying the essential series of video tutorials on Dreamweaver CS3 via Lynda.com.

      I am also currently, slowly but surely, putting together a website to function as a resume, cover letter and portfolio all in one.

      I am currently in the middle of creating headings and images that will function as rollover buttons.

      I currently have a problem with a jagged or pixilated halo appearing around type I'm creating in Illustrator CS3 and placing into Dreamweaver CS3.

      The process I’m using so far is the following:

      In Dreamweaver CS3, I’m using div tags. I will place a div tag on a page. I will then move it to the desired location on the page and size it to my needs.

      I then take .gif file of type I created in Illustrator CS3 and drag it from the files panel and to the web page I’m working on. When I do this, I notice a halo around the type (please see inserted image below).

      How do I get rid of this jagged or pixilated halo?

      I created the type in Illustrator CS3 and then go File > Save for Web and Devices. In the 4-up dialog box that appears, I then save the type as a .gif file.

      Please see images below:

      Thanks for your help!