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    MIAW crashes

    Team Alphie
      In a standalone director program, I have a function that opens up a window on mouseup. The window contains a simple .dir movie prompts user to enter password.

      Several user reported that the application crashes on mouseup(trying to open the window) , and "Macromedia Projector has encountered a problem..." message was display. The application itselt either quit or froze.

      I have not encountered this problem personally either in Director developing environment nor in a projector run environ. (I use both PC and Mac, use MX 2004 version) But this seems to happen a lot to people who uses it in a projector environ.

      Does anyone know if this is a common/known problem/issue with director MIAW? What cause a MIAW to crash normally? The fact that I can't reproduce it at all yet this problem happens to more than a few of my users is puzzling. Is there something wrong with the code perhaps?

      Many thanks in advance.

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          > Does anyone know if this is a common problem with director MIAW? is there
          > something wrong with the code perhaps?

          There is nothing apparently wrong with the code you posted, except
          perhaps in the ForgetAllWindows() handler. Is the OpenCheckMailBox()
          handler called from a window that might be forgotten in the
          ForgetAllWindows() handler?
          You should search the NG for issues related to crashes and forgetting MIAWs.