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    Direct download for Flex 4 videos ?

    itaitaid Level 1

      It’s far more convenient to watch offline (without occasional network latency problems...)


      Any update when the remaining modules will be finished...?? It can be frustrating to break the learning experience...

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          There is a RSS link for use in Adobe Media Player exspand the directions by clicking "Want to view Flex in a Week videos in offline mode?"


          the link is http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/videotraining/feed.xml but it is currently pointing to the old Flex in a Week Beta.

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            clgoodman Adobe Employee

            Hi there,


            Thanks for posting on this. The team is working on it, and will push an update to the RSS as soon as possible. (We're pysched to hear that you are anxious to get going on the new version!)




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              The problem with using Adobe Media Player for offline viewing is, that AMP frequently deletes already downloaded files as it considers downloading a pure temporary caching mechanism. This is obviously not, what we want. :-)


              Adobe, could you provide any reliable way for offline viewing?


              You've built a fantastic platform, now, why do you make it so difficult to let us learn all the great stuff offline?

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                Stefan Gruenwedel Adobe Employee

                As I posted elsewhere...

                If you really want to go the manual route, I suggest pasting the feed  URLs into your browser and clicking the link in the Media Files  (shaded) area for each video. This will take you to the XML file that  contains the link to the actual FLV. This is the same FLV that Adobe  Media Player downloads, of course. There are a couple FLV paths; you  want the one on the line immediately above the param name showing the  course title (for example, the one above "Flex in a Week - Day 1"):



                Of course,  Adobe Media Player is supposed to automate this process. You shouldn't  have to go this route to view our FLVs offline. I've got shows in my personal copy of AMP that go back over a year and they're still there...


                Hope this helps.



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                  First of all, I really enjoy the new order of material in the final Flex 4 series, compared to Flex 4 beta.  I like how more important to developers concepts of data objects are much earlier in the series (on day 2 compared to day 4) and are given more importance (showing all of HTTPService, WebService and RemoteObject compared to only HTTPService in beta).


                  However, as everyone mentioned, viewing the series nothing short of pain and frustration.  For learning, off line videos are absolutely necessery since it allows you to jump within the video, replay at any point etc.

                  Not only does the page broadcasts false advertisment of "Want to view Flex in a Week videos in offline mode?", the video list in the RSS links is in the wrong order.

                  Also, regretfully the RSS link is locked in to the AMP so I cannot view it in other video podcast viewers which have a better offline mode viewing.

                  So all in all I had to spend nearly 2 hours to manually extract each video from AMP's cache and put them in the correct order based on the FiaW page.  I both renamed the files to and put them in a folder based on the "chapter" to better reflect the content for easy reference later.  For example, this is my day 2 structure:


                  01 - 03 Understanding event-driven development
                       01 - Implementing event handlers.flv
                       02 - Understanding the event object and bubbling.flv
                       03 - Adding event listeners with ActionScript.flv
                  04 - 09 Retrieving remote data
                       04 - Introducing ArrayCollection and other data types.flv
                       05 - Verifying data retrieval with Debugger and Network Monitor.flv
                       06 - Introducing RPC.flv


                       07 - 09 Retrieving and handling data using
                            07 - HTTPService .flv
                            08 - WebService.flv
                            09 - RemoteObject.flv


                  10 - 13 Creating a typed data model
                       10 - Intoducing the MVC pattern.flv
                       11 - Programming ActionScript classes.flv
                       12 - Implementing a value object and a typed data model.flv
                       13 - Generating value objects using Flash Builder data services.flv



                  If license permits, I have no issue sharing this effort with anyone who needs this and does not want waste 2 hours in getting the content instead of spending the same 2 hours learning flex.  Either that or Adobe needs to reeducate the person who made the wronly ordered feed as well as release the feed in a standard format so other more capable media players are able to view them without all the problems.


                  Thank you for the great product and having training material up to date and readily available; something other companies miss out making developer's life much harder.

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                    Stefan Gruenwedel Adobe Employee

                    Sorry for the hassle in getitng the RSS feed work the way you want it to. We are working on improving the RSS feed for each day, so

                    it works better.



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                      itaitaid Level 1

                      I'm confused, on how to download these FLV's ... and as one coming from a Microsoft dev platform I'm not familiar with the workarounds suggested


                      Why can't this be a "no brainer" process as Microsoft offers for Silverlight ?


                      For example:

                      http://www.silverlight.net/learn/videos/silverlight-videos/getting-started-with-silverligh t-development/


                      Can someone please post a simple walkthrough on how to download these files?


                      I really want to get in depth to what flash has to offer instead of defaulting to Silverlight 4 and the FIAW looks great!! But it's hard to playback, reverse, jump without a desktop player.


                      Thanks in advance!





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                        The medial player is too dumb to figure out where to look for the downloades video's.


                        This one flaw is enough for me to abandondon Flex Builder as a tool!


                        Why bother with the  medial player if it cannot find the media in the same spot it downloded it.


                        How dumb is this tool?


                        HATE IT!