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    Render Queue in AME won't start, tried everything and the client needs the footage! Can anyone Help?




      I am exporting a quicktime file H.264 at 720p but cant seem to render the video.  I have read through heaps of forums and have tried the following:


      -Added black video (from premiere) to the video track 1 for entire length of work bar.

      - ticked use preview files. and rendered all video, audio and effects before exporting.

      - un-ticked include xmp

      - tried exporting without audio.

      - tried only a few seconds of footage

      - tried adding a single opacity keyframe to the first frame of the sequence

      - played around with the quality of the clips.

      - I've even tried making a new project with just a 10 second clip.



      Each time After about 10 minutes of waiting I finally get an error msg as below:



      - Source File: /Users/StudioB/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/Untitled.prproj

      - Output File: /Users/StudioB/Desktop/Sequence 03.mov

      - Preset Used: Custom

      - Video:

      - Audio:

      - Bitrate:

      - Encoding Time: 07:13:59

      Mon Mar 22 18:29:58 2010 : Encoding Failed


      Could not read from the source. Please check if it has moved or been deleted.



      I haven't moved any files and haven't had a problem with rendering the sequence in premiere. but i have had multiple crashes when altering audio

      track properties (adding compressors etc.)


      The project file and media was originally copied from CS3 on quad core pc (win xp) and is now running on Mac Pro Dual quad OS X CS4 version 4.0.0



      I am really stuck for a solution.  Can anyone offer a suggestion?