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    Adobe reader Customization Wizard 9




      I have recently downloaded Adobe 9.3 and installed it as an administrative install on one of our deployment servers, I have patched it to the latest patch 9.3.1 and I have tried to customize the MSI package with mixed success.


      I have managed to make it a silent installation with the reboot supressed.  I have also managed to hide the EULA.


      However I am trying to get the "check for updates" option to disappear along with some of the other online options which you can configure in the Wizard.  When these didn't work the first time round I decided to look for the registry setting which I found and I have added via the Wizard.  That didn't work either.


      I have tried manually executing the registry key which works however for the tidiness and simplicity of the installation I want it to be a single installation package which can be deployed through group policy.


      If anyone has any suggestions as to why the Wizard isn't working I would be most grateful!