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    Create a shape out of line segments - is this right?

    ssekoya Level 1

      To create a shape out of line segments you need to connect them.  But how do you (a) know or check whether two line segments are  connected? And (b) how do  you connect them. Sure there is the Join command. The join command at  least nicely informs me that I need to select two open end points (or  words to that effect).

      But here is the crux, how do you select the endpoints of two line  segments which have been snapped together such that they are on top of  each other (and in my view aren't really endpoints anymore)? You don't,  at least I can see no way, the trick is to unsnap them, create an  artificial gap, then select the two endpoints (anchor points) with the  white arrow and select Object -> Path -> Join. I doubt that there  are many tutorials which describe this method.

      Is this right?