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    [AIR 1.5] Scheduled tasks / crons




      I am developping a program with AIR/Flex. In this program, I need to create scheduled tasks (windows) or crons (UNIX).


      My intention was to execute some command lines directly on the OS from AIR, but it seem impossible in the current version of AIR (1.5).


      I have made some research and it seems that I have to use another program to do that (in java for instance).


      I found a library to communicate between AIR and Java (merapi).That's great, but it does not resolve entirely my problem, because I need to run the java application first, and the AIR application after, both manually. And it isn't very user friendly...


      So I wondered how to launch the java application from my air application. And then, here I am; back to square one...



      Unfortunately, I can't wait the final release of AIR 2.0, so have you any ideas which can help me resolve my problem?







      [Sorry if my english isn't as good as it should be : I'm french. Nobody is perfect !]