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    mixing next n records with cfswitch order by problem

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      I'm trying to make 2 types of page navigation work together. both work fine independently, but when I put my next n record code together with my change order by code, when you hit the next button, it goes back to the set default for the order by. I know I need to change some code logic in my scripts that run the next n records, but I'm not sure what I need to change in it to make it all work together properly. I am attaching the code, in it's rawest form, but all code is here for both features.


      <cfparam name="sort" default="1">

      <cfquery name="getMerch" datasource="#APPLICATION.dataSource#">
      SELECT merchID, MerchName, MerchDescription, MerchPrice, MYFile, CategoryID
      FROM Merchandise
      WHERE CategoryID = 2
      ORDER BY
      <cfswitch expression="#sort#">
      <cfcase value="1">MerchName</cfcase>
      <cfcase value="2">MerchPrice</cfcase>
      <cfset rowsPerPage = 3>
      <cfparam name="URL.startRow" default="1" type="numeric">
      <cfset totalRows = getMerch.recordCount>
      <cfset endRow = min(URL.startRow + rowsPerPage - 1, totalRows)>
      <cfset startRowNext = endRow + 1>
      <cfset startRowBack = URL.startRow - rowsPerPage>



      <!--- changes the order by --->

      <cfif sort is 1>

      <a href="#CGI.script_name#?sort=#IIF(sort is 1, '2', '1')#" class="pre2Nav">Order By Price</a>


      <a href="#CGI.script_name#?sort=#IIF(sort is 2, '1', '2')#" class="pre2Nav">Order By Product</a>



      <!--- my next n buttons --->

      <cfif startRowBack GT 0>

      <a href="#CGI.script_name#?startRow=#startRowBack#" class="pre2Nav">< Back</a>


      <cfif startRowNext lte totalRows>
      <a href="#CGI.script_name#?startRow=#startRowNext#" class="pre2Nav">More ></a>




      <cfloop query="getMerch" startRow="#URL.startRow#" endRow="#endRow#">


      All my output goes here



      Can anyone help me get this to work together? is it possible? and more importantly, how hard is it going to be to do this?


      Thank you.