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    flash cs4 gotoandplay


      hi i am having trouble getting my buttons to work right in flash cs4. is it possible to have a button gotoandplay a frame inside a different movieclip? if so how?

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          Hi there,

          not sure what is causing the issue as it's pretty straightforward I think (or maybe I'm misunderstanding your problem!). Follow these steps and that should be it!

          1 - on the stage, create a square and convert it into a Movie Clip symbol (name it MCclip for example). Inside this Movie Clip, create a new layer "Actions" and put a stop(); on the first frame. On the second frame, create a new keyframe and place your animation of the square (or whatever animation you want).

          2 - go back on the main stage, select the instance of the clip you just created and call it "MCclip" in the properties panel.

          3 - Still on the stage, create a Button symbol (name it BTN). Select it and put the code on it:


          on (press) {




          et voila!

          Let me know how it goes...


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            habramm Level 1

            here i will explain this to you better.. for school our assignment was to create a how to guide on folding a paper crane. the requirements were that it had to have the ability to pause stop or start again, to repeat a current or previous step, and the ability to jump to any step in the process. it also needed to have a progress bar of some sort.


            i decided to take still photos and have a panel on the left side of the photos which were all buttons and when you click them it will bring up that image on the right side.


            i think i am doing it a very round about way though. i have a movie clip on the original stage and inside that is all of my buttons and another movie clip of the images that will be popping up when you click the buttons. each picture has a tween on it so it fades in.


            hopefully that will explain it better. if you have any ideas please let me know. thank you