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    I've followed advice but Illustrator still won't initialize.

    eubean525 Level 1

      Hello anyone,

      I use a Mac Power G5 with OS 10.5.8. I own Illustrator CS2 which, until some point in early February, worked like it should.  Without notice, I suddenly can't initialize the program. The startup gets hung up at the point where it needs to handle fonts and never responds afterward. I've already seen forum discussions about this similar issue and have eliminated my Illustrator preferences, tossed the whole program and re-installed, as well as booted up with a smart boot to cleanse the font cache. Still, Illustrator will not initialize. Can anyone go over this with me again and suggest a solution that doesn't include selling my kidneys?


      I appreciate any advice no matter how inane. Thanks for any.


      These problems are pathetic and wasteful of an owner's time and money.