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    Converting Flash to big screen


      I have to convert a flash file to a big screen it will just be an animation in Flash CS4 and there may be jpeg graphics imported into the animation. I have been given screen dimensions to use but they are in millimeters. This is the information I have been given :-


      Bumper banners: w- 1,200mm x h- 6,048mm


      Full screen: w - 8,062mm x h- 5,184mm


      Small screen: w- 8,062mm x h- 5,184mm




      The video needs to be DVD quality full PAL MPEG2


      1. What should I do to make this scale properly from Flash on my PC to a big screen tv. Do I need to obtain the size of the big screen in pixels and make the animation this size in flash?


      2. Also I wondered if you knew what bumper banner means I have emailed the person I am dealing with back and still awaiting a response?


      3. I have been told that it needs to be in full PAL MPEG2 can flash convert to MPEG2 and will this have any affect on the scaling or quality of the animation?


      4. Also does it matter what frames per second I use I am using the default of 12 fps is this ok?


      I really hope someone can help as I have a deadline of early April and this has been lumped on me so Im desperatly trying to find out how to get this working correctly!

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          waterdad568 Level 3

          When you say big screen, what exactly are you speaking of? A high def wide screen TV or an actual projector screen. Two enirely different animals.


          You cannot make a flash file that big first of all, the mm dimensions you were given dont follow standard wide screen or projector sizes, so if you are bound to them the flash file will just need to be some scaled size divisor of the screen size. (and by the way the full and small mm's are the same) You can Google a mm to pixel converter for the conversion.


          If it is wide screen tv then follow these standards and scale the flash by an equal divisor, or make it the same size. Pixelation issues depend on the graphics original size and type, and wether they are vector graphics or not.



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            carface100 Level 1

            Well I have since learnt that the animation will be for a Stellavista LED scoreboard hence the dimensions being different to tv/computer screens. The animation will display in the centre of the screen and their will be advertising banners around the edge which I dont need to worry about.

            I have been told the following about the video.

            Video - They need to be 4:3 PAL MPEG2 (DVD quality). If using 16:9 source material.

            The dimensions of the screen are Width - 8,062 mm x Height - 5,184 mm. I have googled mm to pixel conversion and it comes out as Width - 30,470px x Height - 19,593px. Below is a screenshot of the scoreboard layout.




            1.What would be a good size to set my stage in Flash so that it will scale up ok to those dimensions. They have already mentioned the video needs to be 4:3 so would somthing like 800px by 600px be appropriate?


            2.Also they say it needs to be DVD quality full PAL MPEG2.

            a. Am I able to convert a swf to an MPEG2 format?

            b. What happens when it is converted to MPEG2 (if possible), will it scale up correctly and look ok?


            3.Also if I am using images Im guessing they will have to be vector for them to scale up correctly and look fine is this correct?


            Hope you can help!