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    HELP Button/Movie clip problems. :(

    Tommy Simmens

      Hey guys, I’m really stuck here.  I’ve got this scene which is a movie clip; the only movement is in the models eyes, so I want to add invisible buttons around the scene that the user can interact with.

      When a certain object is clicked (the button) it triggers a short movie clip in the bottom corner of the scene, which is basically a text box typing letters.

      However, I’ve tried to do this and I’ve come across two problems.

      One, I can only click the button once, it won’t repeat itself again.

      Two, I can only seem to add one button as it’s a movie clip and it messes with the others in the scene.

      Here’s a screen grab of what I’ve got:


      Anyone know how I can get around this? I want multiple buttons in this scene, and I want to be able to click them as many times as I like.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If clicking the button makes you move along the timeline to where the text movieclip is, then your button no longer exists when it gets there.  I don't think you need to use the timeline for what you have, though I don''t have the whole story clear on what's happening in it now.  You should be able to kjeep it all in one frame (different layers).  If something animates (you say the eyes) they could be a separate movieclip that occupiues a frame of one layer.


          You should be able to have as many movieclips and buttons as you want, so I am not sure what is interfering in that respect.