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    HELP Button/Movie clip problems. :(

    Tommy Simmens

      Hey guys, I’m really stuck here.  I’ve got this scene which is a movie clip; the only movement is in the models eyes, so I want to add invisible buttons around the scene that the user can interact with.

      When a certain object is clicked (the button) it triggers a short movie clip in the bottom corner of the scene, which is basically a text box typing letters.

      However, I’ve tried to do this and I’ve come across two problems.

      One, I can only click the button once, it won’t repeat itself again.

      Two, I can only seem to add one button as it’s a movie clip and it messes with the others in the scene.

      Here’s a screen grab of what I’ve got:


      Anyone know how I can get around this? I want multiple buttons in this scene, and I want to be able to click them as many times as I like.