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    Text help Needed!


      Hi there, I have an issue hopefully someone here can help me with- I'm working with a cousin on a Flash project, changing a few graphics. Now, I'm using Flash CS4 on a Mac, and a font used in the original file, ''Micra'' is not on my system. I used the Font Mapping function to change the font, but I still see no text when I scroll through the movie in Flash, or when it is now published. Is there anything I can do to make the text visible? What am I missing? Do I need my cousin to do anything for me? I've searched around but haven't found a solution otherwise. If it helps, I had an issue with another graphic that needed to be deleted; I couldn't see it at all and could only get rid of it by deleting it from the library. Maybe that was also due to this font issue. And to add, the movie looks somewhat different when I view it in Flash; there are other graphics that pnly show when the file is published, and I get compiler errors relating to syntax. I'm not too experienced with Flash, so I have no idea how to identify the issue.  Much thanks for any help.

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          Post script- My cousin has no access to any resources I might need, and I tried installing ''Micra Normal'' on my computer. Nothing that's been made invisible so far has become visible. I can imagine a myriad of technical reasons why the text might not be showing up, still hoping someone here might have an answer. The way the text works in the Flash, there are buttons to click through the text. The text fades in with each frame. Within Flash itself I cannot see this action happening, I have no clue why. The font in the original Flash doesn't even seem to look like 'Micra', from what I can tell. My cousin sent me a packet that included a .txt file with all the text that's supposed to go into the Flash, with html code included. Dunno if there's a way I should utilize this in Flash.

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            Update: I figured out that when I preview the published version of the original file with the new graphics added, it all works fine, but saving the flash file is what messes up things.. my options seem to be saving it as a CS3 or CS4 file, but doing either of those messed up the background color and text when re-played. Why would it affect certain graphics? What can I do to save it and make sure everything stays the same?


            Edit: Re-doing all the affected graphics manually. Not too much hassle at least.