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    FB4 and Crashing the Flash debugger

    Randy Troppmann

      I just installed the new Flash Builder 4 release and I immediately had problems running my "Pure AS3" OSMF video player project. If I launched it in debug mode the Flash Player would die in Safari or flat out crash Netscape (non-debug mode it ran fine). I saw it once before with FB4 beta 2. 


      I know this is not a FB4 support forum, but the problems seems to be related to the CONFIG::LOGGING stuff in the OSMF source code. I was using the latest source from the trunk along with this compiler argument:


      -locale en_US -link-report “link-report.xml” -target-player=10.0.0 -define+=CONFIG::FLASH_10_1,false -define+=CONFIG::LOGGING,false


      When I reverted to using the latest sprint 10 swc instead of the trunk source, the app ran fine in the debug mode ... no more problems. Can you possibly shed some light on this?


      - Randy Troppmann