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    Flash CS3 install problem


      I have had the creative suite 3 for a while but prior to that I installed a demo of flash CS3. I have never really needed flash up until now so though I would install it properly from my install disc but it won't let me.


      It keeps saying flash 3 and flash video encoder already installed, probably because of the demo which lapsed yonks ago. I have tried inputting the serial number from the back of the dvd case but it won't recognise it and can't get past the trial expired window. All my other cs3 apps that I use are fine. I have tried the adobe uninstaller in utilities but it keeps giving an error, I have also deactivated as well but still no luck.


      Is there a particular file I can delete to reset the trial thingy to then input my serial number again or how can I delete everything flash and start again from the installer?


      It's driving me mad, at this rate I'll have to look at alternative apps.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          You will need to uninstall the trial copy of Flash first.On a Mac there is an Adobe utility for this purpose in the Utilities folder. On Windows use the uninstall option from the control panel. Or you can use the uninstaller that is on the Suite DVD.

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            MikeT137 Level 1

            Hi, thanks for the reply, wasn't quite as simple as that as I did try this numerous times.


            The reason behind it is in fact an error that adobe introduced when beta testing and releasing the trial versions, apparantly CS3 is notourious for these errors.


            The only way round it is to download CS3 clean from the downloads section and run it in terminal. Following the instructions it does an entire cleanup and deletion of any CS3 software allowing for a clean install afterwards.


            Worked like a charm.


            Thanks any way.