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    CFBuilder Price

    MaryJo Level 1

      $300 a copy? Well, back to CFEclipse for me. No way that it's worth that much for me to buy with what was included. So much for hoping they'd actually have the foresight to price it lower and try to pull in more new developers. Not that I'm all that surprised...

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          have you been trying the same Builder I have? its so worth 300 alone + you are getting Flex builder which is 250 on its own. Download the trial use it for 60 days and see if you can go back then. Just in the time i have saved its already paid for itself. also Adobe cannot be making that much from this.

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            MaryJo Level 1

            Been using it all along, bugs and all. After having used CFEclipse for several years, so I'm hardly new to the Eclipse experience. I don't do Flex, and have no need to....so basically Adobe is forcing me to pay for the (considerable) cost of something I don't need or want. Brings backs memories of Dreamweaver and having to pay for *that* piece of software we didn't want in order to get the software we *did*. I might give the trial version a test to see if the multitudes of issues I had with CFB have been fixed (several I know have not) but at that price, I'm not sure I'll bother.

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              Adam Cameron. Level 5

              I'm still deciding what I think about the £200 price point for CFB.  I think it's OK, but with the current economic situation and the job market being unstable, I'm not prepared to shell out for it at present. Equally, I'm not sure it brings £200 more value to me than CFEclipse does.


              The inclusion of FlashBuilder is neither here nor there as far as I'm concerned as I don't touch Flash, and can't see that changing.  It's good for people who do though, and need both apps.




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                tadamsTex Level 1

                It's definately too expensive. There are free options out there that offer much of the same functionality. And if you have a team of developers, the price for each can add up quickly--even with volume licensing. I'm afraid at this price point it's a no sale for my group.