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    getURL() to a .doc file

    Rothrock Level 5

      So we have some web-based training that we are making. Using CS4 to publish to Flash 7 and then the page is running in IE 6. (Got to love them corporate policies!)


      We have some resource documents for the users to download. Usually we make them pdfs and use getURL() and the files work just fine.


      However, this time we have a file that we want to keep as a .doc type. The code is:







      When the user clicks on that button they get a message that the Action was cancelled and that IE was unable to link to the Web page you requested. However, if I copy the URL that is showing in the browser to another browser window the file is indeed located at that address.


      I'm thinking it must be some kind of Flash security thing to prevent the random opening of Word files (and the possible macro viruses). Is that probably what is going on here?