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    Adobe Clip Notes picking up random words and timecode markers from speech transcription metadata

    Mesmer3001 Level 1

      I've been experimenting with the speech transcription feature in Premiere CS4 - sometimes my results are good, sometimes not. Regardless, after I'm finished editing my project and export it via Adobe Clip Notes for client review, the clip notes file has hundreds of random words from the speech transcription already time stamped in the PDF. The only way to remove them seems to be going through the PDF document and deleting them one by one. There are no markers visible in the Premiere timeline or anywhere else before I export the file. I would go back and delete the entire transcription from the metadata panel in Premiere, but there doesn't seem to be any way to do a bulk delete.


      Anyone else run into this problem?






      P.S. I'm all up to date as far as software is concerned.