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    Will After Effects do the job?


      Hey all!


      I've got a project on my mind that I really wanna create and after hours of google searching I can't seem to find the answer for me!


      What I'm trying to create is an interactive, animated pop-up book (or at least have the styling of a pop-up book)


      Is After Effects capable of this? Or can I create my animated content and then export it to a different Adobe Title to make it interactive...


      I want to be able to do something where a user can turn the page with the click of a mouse to flip to the next animated page in the story.



      Any insight on how I can bring my project to life would be greatly appreciated!!! I just can't afford to buy the whole Adobe Suite just yet so am trying to narrow it down to one or two titles to get this project underway.



      Thanks so much for any and all the help in advance!