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    Drop-down text issue in RoboHelp 8

    PBrits Level 1

      Hi all, just wondering if anyone is experiencing this issue, and have any possible solutions as well...


      I've recently converted a huge project (consisting of 3398 topics) from RH7 to RH8, and after generating the project in Webhelp Pro, I've discovered that a lot of the drop-down text boxes don't display.  The strange thing is that they were all created the same way in RH7, and there seems to be no logical reason as to why some are displaying and some are not.


      It gets stranger - the fix I've discovered is to open the topic in RH8, add a space bar anywhere in the text; save the topic; check it back in again; the re-publish the project.  This then allows the drop down text to display in the new generated file.


      When previewing the project, the links and drop down text appear to work perfectly - it is only when generating the project that the error is occurring.


      I've tried checking out all the files, saving them all, and then checking them back in using both RH8 and RoboSource Control 3.1, but this doesn't appear to fix anything.  So it would seem that the issue has something to do with opening a converted topic in RH8, adding content to it, saving and checking it back in before the issue is resolved...


      Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?


      I've got a huge task in front of me if I have to open each topic individually...





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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Assuming that the fix is to simply add a space, it would seem a fairly simple process to use the RoboHelp Multi-File Find and Replace tool to search for </html> and replace with a space before </html>. This should update all topics and cause the change to be sensed.


          Cheers... Rick


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            NL_Derek-56V59O Level 1

            Hi Pieter,


            I have had similar problems with files disappearing (images in may case) and I also found that a "null edit" forcing robohelp to re-save the topic helped.


            An easy way is to select all topics in the Topic list, give Edit > Properties, and make a meaningless change (I changed an item in the ToDo list which I do not use). Then give File > Save All. This forces RoboHelp to open all topics and should get your missing topics back.


            --- Derek

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              PBrits Level 1

              Thank you both for your assistance.


              I've tried both suggestions, but for some reason neither solution worked.


              However, what I found was that I needed to click on Tools>Update DHTML Effects in Topics. 


              Being relatively new to this, I thought that when converting from 7 to 8 that this would have been done automatically, however it appears that when converting the project, this doesn't happen automatically.


              Having said that, I'm very happy that I don't have to go through the huge number of topics in this project in order to correct that issue...


              Thanks again for your help,