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    Flash CS3 program flickers during "undo" and "save and compact"

    jdmajor Level 1


      I have Flash CS3 Suite. I have a computer that was built in 2004, running Windows XP Professional - 2 Gb RAM although I have given the Virtual memory 4 Gb. The reason I did that is because I thought maybe my RAM wasn't enough. I have no problems with any of the other Adobe programs or any other programs on my computer, just Flash Professional. The running process only uses 16,030 K so it can't be that.


      I have uninstalled, cleaned all adobe files completely off of my computer, done a fresh install, more than once, but no matter what, I seem to have issues with the 2 following commands:


      1.  Edit > undo feature

      2.  File > save and compact - although this doesn't flicker as much as the other one.


      The flickering is frustrating, and, of course I can't do anything else until the flickering stops.


      The positive side of this issue is that I am being much more thoughtful about my editing which is good anyway, but it would be nice for the flickering to permanently stop. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.