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    Workflow suggestions for CS4, Sony XR520 (HD) & TRV18 (SD-MiniDV)?


      Hello all,


      I'm working on my first video "production" in a long while, and it's my first time delving into the world of HD and mixed formats. So I'm feeling a bit like a fish out of water.


      This is the workflow I was USED to:

      1. Connect camera to computer via FireWire(MiniDV-SD-60i)
      2. Launch Premiere 6.5
      3. Use Capture Utility to set In/Out points and bring in as AVI clips
      4. Import those AVI clips into bins and edit directly
      5. Save Timeline out to AVI
      6. Encode to final output format
      SO, this is the situation I'm faced with now:


      Two cameras. Main camera is Sony HDR-XR520 (AVCHD-1080i). Second camera is Sony DCR-TRV18 (DV - MiniDV - 30fps Interlaced - 60i?) for time lapse shots/filler shots.


      My final output is going to be computer/internet playback (I'm assuming I'm going to need to output to a progressive format, 24P or 30P. Am I right on this?)


      Any suggestion as to what my workflow needs to be?


      My assumptions:

      1. Edit using a 1080i30 (60i) timeline(sequence)
      2. Edit XR520 clips directly
      3. Import TRV18 as avi clips, put in timeline, but only use clips to fill 1/4 of the HD frame (don't try to up res)
      4. Export to AVI, encode to mpeg4 and remove interlace.
      Am I going in the right direction here, or am I all wrong on this?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Looks good if you plan to output to 1920 x 1080. Otherwise you may consider downrezzing the AVCHD footage and giving you more space for the SD footage without uprezzing. So you may consider 1280 x 720 format, with the consequence that your SD material does not not appear in postage stamp format. Keep in mind the PAR's of the different footage.

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            60HzProductions Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, I guess that's the thing: the final output, while it will be computer/internet playback, doesn't necessarily have to be at full hd. In fact, I'd rather it be 1280x720, since not all laptops (typical of what our sales people will have) will be able to handle playback of HD video. I really just want them to be able to play this video back in PowerPoint or directly through WindowMedia/QuickTime at 100% or fullscreen mode, and still be high quality to the viewer (typically in a conference room/board room, on a projector, an large monitor, or directly on the laptop screen)


            I've seen SD internet video that plays back really well in fullscreen mode (on a typical 1280x1024 monitor), but I don't know what export settings will yield those type of results. Any good tutorials on getting SD video to encode and play really well at monitor resolutions?


            It'd be nice to be able to use the SD timelapse footage at full size, but I was planning on only using that timelapse footage in multiples (2-3 clips playing at SD size on an HD timeline). As far as PAR, if I was to manually place black bars on the 4:3 footage, would I be able to export in native 16:9 PAR so I could then edit it in a 16:9 timeline?


            So, going along with your suggestion, would I need to convert all my HD clips FIRST to 1280x720, then edit on a 720 timeline, or edit on a 1080 timeline and export to a 720 output?


            Also, am I right that since playback is on a monitor/projector, that I'll need the video to be progressive?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              My first thought would be to create a 1280 x 720 custom or AVCHD sequence and use motion/scale to fit your AVCHD in or use Scale to frame. That gives you even some room to do some zooms or pans on your footage. Your SD material can be left at the original scale using PIP's if you wish. Some do not like this approach, but have a look at this link, where the source material is either SD or pictures, in a 1280 x 720 frame. It may give you some ideas. http://vimeo.com/1954849

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                60HzProductions Level 1

                Yeah, that's the exact approach I was thinking of.


                I did some test exports and noticed that if I export to 720, No Fields (progressive), the video plays back jittery (shots with movement) in Window Media Player, on a standard LCD computer monitor. However, if I export using Upper Field, it plays back smoothly.


                I thought for computer playback, I needed to export to progressive? Am I missing something here?