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    Appearance of Bulleted Lists & Checkmark Webdings Character in IE vs. Firefox


      I am a RoboHelp X5 user and have noticed that bulleted lists and checkmarks (a webdings character) in published files are distorted when displayed in Firefox (version 3.0.15, the latest version 8, and perhaps other versions) and want to know if there is a way to resolve this.  When I use Internet Explorer (vresion 7.0.5730.11), the bulleted lists and checkmarks appear as they should.

      • The bulleted lists show the line of text in the following paragraph beneath the bullet rather than adjacent to the bullet.
      • The checkmarks  that show as checkmarks in IE 7.0.5730.11 show up as the character "a" in the aforementioned Firefox versions.


      A pdf is attached showing the differences in appearance of bulleted lists and the checkmark in both IE and Firefox. Any input welcomed.


      Thanks in advance!