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    Issues mastering 5.1 (this is not a codec issue)

    dkitsov Level 2


      I am having major issues mastering a 5.1 sound for my first student production in Premiere Pro CS4.

      This is not a RTFM issue. It is also not a codec issue. My problem is that in the Audio Hardware settings my audio device is listed to have only 2.0 output, and only two channels are available in the Audio Output Mapping.


      In the same time I have no problem with playing back the 5.1 and 7.1 sound from other applications (Windows Media Player, QuickTime, VLC, various games)

      I understand that perhaps it is an issue with a driver for the on-board Realtek Audio. It is also my understanding that I need to purchase a new sound-card that supports full 5.1 ASIO.

      Please advise on what is the better one to get. Please check in this dialog or in the Audio Output Mapping dialog of the preferences panel that you do indeed have 5.1 or more channels of output. Thank you all so much in advance.