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    template optional region, how to

    VooDoo Chicken Level 1

      hi, i made a template, in this template i placed an optional region. the optional region name is 'category_bar', it has checked 'show by default' and in the advanced tab, the values are set as 'use parameter (checked): category_bar'. if i understood correctly, it means that if there is a paremeter called 'category_bar' in the pages that derive from this template, this optional region will be shown, but if not this optional region hill not be part of the resulting html page. i have not been able to do anything with it. if i delete all content from the region, it will not be displayed in the derived pages. if i place a place-holder text, the text will be shown but it will not act as an editable region, just an ugly text that should not appear. if i want to hide this optional region in a derived page and change the parameter name to another thing, for example if i change from


      <!-- InstanceParam name="category_bar" type="boolean" value="true" -->




      <!-- InstanceParam name="category_bar_no" type="boolean" value="true" -->

      (change parameters name so there is no parameter with that name)




      <!-- InstanceParam name="category_bar_" type="boolean" value="false" -->


      the text inside the optional regio still apppears. i have no ide how to hide it if i dont want to display it or how to edit it if i want to edit it. there is either no region at all if i delete filling text in edit mode of the template, or an ugly garbage text if i place any text in the template


      how do i work with oiptional regions?