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    Cannot export video: AME cannot read from source, Installation Error


      Ok, I've seen a lot of people on here talk about this and I have tried using their solutions but nothing has worked.


      I cannot export anything from Premier Pro using Media Encoder.  When I try, I get an yellow warning sign saying that it cannot read from the source, and when I close out of it I get a message saying that there is an installation error and that I need to make sure it is installed correctly.  I have uninstalled and re-installed ALL of my Adobe products about three times this past weekend trying to fix it and nothing has worked.  I have tried making sure that there are no blank spaces in my project, I have named it several different things, I have moved it from my external drive to my main drive, to a different external drive, etc.


      I am using a Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard, all of my software has been updated, and I am very frustrated.