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    Lines around type and other type/text problems in Dreamweaver CS3




      Dear Dreamweaver forum:


      Good news/bad news,


      First the good news…

      My thanks to a forum member by the name of Mylenium. With Mylenium's advice I have improved my halo problem by including a black background when I save type in Illustrator CS3 as part of importing it into Dreamweaver CS3.


      However, the bad news, is that I’m still having type and text problems.


      Problem area 1

      Now, in Dreamweaver, I’m getting lines appearing around the type.

      I am dragging and dropping the .gif type file into a Dreamweaver Div Tag.

      How do I get rid of the lines around the type so that they do not show up in the Safari browser?

      (Please see below)


      Problem area 2

      I cannot drag and drop text from a Word .doc file into a Dreamweaver div tag.

      I also cannot copy and paste Word .doc text into a div tag.

      How do I include text on my webpage without having to manually type it in?

      (Please see below)


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! 




      From within Dreamweaver CS3, how do I place text? Dragging and droppign the file does not work.




      This is screenshot of what I see so far when I use Safari to test what I have made so far in Dreamweaver CS3.

      I get lines around type.........not usually a good thing.........How do I fix it?




      The way I created the portfolio type in IllustratorCS3 using the File > Save for Web and Devices. I then imported the resulting .gif file so that it was within my root folder within the Files panel within Dreamweaver CS3.

      Am I doing this right?