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    Information on Adobe Flash Lite License

    turbosree1984 Community Member


              We are currently in a process of evaluating flash for in-car HMI development. Our confidence level has increased after using the evaluation version of Adobe flash CS4 and we would like to know more about the Adobe Flash Lite License process for manufacturers. I have submitted a license request form here: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?event=mmform&name=flashlite couple of days back but didn't get any response so far. If anybody has already undergone through this license process please answer to the following queries.


      1) What are the benefits of owning a Adobe Flash Lite License for the device manufacturers?

      2) If I buy an Adobe Flash Lite License, will I get Adobe flash lite source code OR a binary Adobe Flash Lite run time?

      3) Do you have a list of 3rd party developers who provide custom flash lite run time environment for specific hardware platform? I could find only QNX, but they dont provide flash lite runtime for other companies.

      4) Where can I find information such as the production license fee per produced unit for a full functionality Adobe Flash Lite runtime?

      5) Is linux version of Adobe Flash Lite (x86) available for download from Adobe?