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    Titles in Premiere Pro CS4 - question


      Hi all, I'm running Premiere Pro CS4 on OS X Snow Leopard. I have camera files recorded as .mts format, and they end up significantly compressed to .flv for internet streaming. If I want to add titles (for example strap-lines in the lower 3rd), what would the Forum recommend I do? I see a number of options with different workflow drawbacks. For instance, ideally I would like to stay with the .mts files until output, however Premiere Pro slows down significantly as these files can be several GB in size. I cannot import .flv easily without use of 3rd party software which I think is predominantly for Windows platform. Even if I could bring into Mac, then on output I would be compressing an already significantly compressed file - not good practice! So is there perhaps some kind of mezzanine or interim format (between .mts and .flv) that I could bring into Premiere and edit away? I'd be very grateful for constructive feedback on this,