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    How to disable script debug? Alt key brings debugger window.


      Here is detailed problem description:



      In short.

      When batch is being processed in background (photoshop window is inactive) pressing the Alt key brings the debugger window (ExtendScript Toolkit - Fit Image.jsx).


      Steps to repro:

      1. Create some action (must include Fit Image script from File->Automate)

      2. Apply this action to a folder.

      3. Switch to another window (not photoshop)

      4. Hold the Alt key for a little why.


      Current workaround:

      1. Do not do anything while processing batch. Just sit and look at the screen several hours.


      2. Process batches under separate user (use WinKey+L to switch).


      Another (related) problem. When batch is being processed (in background) the Esc key doesn't work at all! Just switch to some application where you can use the Esc key, hit Esc - and it won't work!


      OS: Windows XP

      Photoshop CS4, CS3