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    Please help me sort this icon issue out ;-)

    Pete-1967 Level 1

      Hi folks, was wondering if anyone can help me out?


      I really like the globe in example1. I have tried time and time again to recreate this but cant.

      I like the glow and all the gradients that make it look how it does and it looks great and dark backgrounds;


      Now I have a load of icons like in example2, I don't like the globe on this at all, it just doesn't show up on my dark backgrounds. I need these inner bits of the icon, in this example the pointer but have a handful of others also.


      So how do I get rid of the inner bit of example1 giving me a globe that still has all its transparency intact?

      Then cut the pointer out of example2, change its color to a light gray and insert this into the center or the new globe?


      Other icons I have and need to do this with are; Facebook, Twitter, a phone, a email and a few others.

      The aim to have an empty example1 globe that I can then cut icons out and place.


      Many thanks if you can help or offer any thoughts.