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    AS3 API Documentation

    si-robertson Level 1

      What have Adobe done to the AS3 API documentation? All of the livedocs filtering just gets in the way and causes confusion, so I downloaded the "Full Flex 4 Documentation Set" in order to browse the API docs off-line but the lack of persistent package/class HTML frames makes browsing a complete nightmare, I have to continuously click on the "Show Packages and Classes List" link whenever I decide to view a package or class.


      The old format worked fine, is the latest Flex 4 AS3 API documentation available in that format?

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          si-robertson Level 1

          The package/class frames only seem to function correctly in Firefox, in Chrome/Safari/Explorer the frames are hidden every time a new package or class is displayed.

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            smgilson Level 1

            I want to follow up on your issue so I can reproduce it. Are you on a Mac or PC? What version of IE are you using? We have had issues with IE 6 in the past.


            Stephen Gilson

            Flex Doc Team

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              si-robertson Level 1

              The OS I'm using is Windows, I don't have a Mac available so I haven't been able to test things out on that OS. Browser versions are as follows:


              Chrome 4.1

              Firefox 3.6

              Internet Explorer 8.0

              Safari 4.0


              The docs seem to work fine in Firefox although there are occasional package/class frame scrolling issues, the scroll thumb is position at the top of scroll track but the content appears to be in a scrolled positioned (i.e. it isn't where you would expect it to be). That is remedied by scrolling the content so it isn't a big problem.


              I've made sure the correct cookie privileges are set in each browser, and made sure JavaScript is enabled etc.


              No doubt you guys had a good reason to move away from framesets, but I honestly think the previous frameset-based versions worked a lot better from a functionality perspective. Having the documentation header above the main content frame also provided more room for the package/class frames, the new header uses too much vertical space (especially when all of the filtering options are being displayed). The package/class frames can't be resized vertically now either which is another issue. Overall, the new API docs are incredibly frustrating to use.


              The AS3 API docs really don't need to be any more fancy than the Java API docs

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                smgilson Level 1

                Thanks for the additional information, and apologies for your frustration. I was able to reproduce your issues and will file a bug for it.


                I had already filed bugs about the packages/classes areas extending to the top of the page, making the packages/classes areas resizable vertically, and adding an option to hide the filters area of the title bar.



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                  msakrejda Level 4

                  I agree--these changes are terrible. I don't understand what problem they were designed to address.The old API docs are simple and straightforward to use. The old format was very similar to the  Java API docs, which have used the same structure for over a decade, and which have been lauded as some of the finest docs around.  The new ones are sluggish and have odd usability decisions (when I look at a class, why would I want to restrict the class list to that package--for example, I frequently go back and forth between mx.charts and mx.graphics).


                  Is the new documentation available in the old format?

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                    smgilson Level 1

                    We figured out the issue on IE and Chrome for the local version of ASDoc and will post an updated version.