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    XmlSocket.send() problem



      I am running two flash clients on 2 different computers. For the first computer, I am running it through flash CS3. For the second computer, I am running through flash 8. Both clients connect to a server and communicates with it. The client on the computer that runs the flash CS3 works perfectly. However, the other client starts off well but after some time, it seems that the statement xmlSocket.send(my_xml); does not propagate the whole xml string and this causes an error on the server. I would like to know if this is due to versioning issues? It seems that once the client that runs on the flash 8 has sent a certain amount of data, the error will occur where the next xml string will be truncated.


      In addition, I have tried running the second client on the latest flash player instead of from flash 8. It seems to work alright in that there are no abrupt truncations of the xml string. However, another problem arises. The outermost node of the xml string always becomes undefined whenever some action is performed. This does not occur on the first flash client running in flash CS3.


      Thank you.



      Dobson Han