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    Change or turn off comment highlighting

    mgw4jc Level 1

      Is it possible to change or turn off the highlighting behind the comments? The bright yellow is a bit much and I'd like to tone it down a bit. I found where I can change the color of the comment text and other text (Window - Preferences - ColdFusion - Editor Profiles - Editor - Colors), but there doesn't seem to be any setting for the background highlighting.

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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          Nope, this isn't supported.  Crazy but true.


          You can vote for its inclusion in a subsequent release here: http://cfbugs.adobe.com/bugreport/flexbugui/cfbugtracker/main.html#bugId=80541


          In the mean time, send me a private message with your email address and I'll send you a colourisation file which has the comments set to grey on white.  I pinched this from someone else, a while back (I can't remember who, but thanks to whoever they are!).


          I'd attach it here but... I can't see how to!




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            mgw4jc Level 1

            Thanks Adam, that bug listing has a comment by Sean Smith that mentions exporting and manually hacking. He also has a blog post URL there, but I didn't follow it as it wasn't an actual link.


            It is pretty easy to find though. I opened the file in Notepad++ and found this line:


            <style background="rgb(255,255,153)" foreground="rgb(128,128,128)" id="WHITESPACE_TAG_COMMENT"/>


            That was based on my having already changed the text color from black to a medium gray. So the foreground is the text color and the background is the highlighting. I simply changed the background rgb values to (235,235,235) for a light gray.


            As a note to anyone else following this discussion, getting the rgb values is pretty easy by going into those preferences and clicking any color as though you are going to modify it. In the Color pop-up, click Define Custom Colors>> and use the spectrum in there to reveal the Red, Green, Blue values you want.


            Save that *.col file and Import it back via the Preferences page.

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              Evelin Varghese Level 2

              Hi ,

              In ColdFusion Builder Preferences (Preferences->ColdFusion->Editor Profiles) you can choose the profile as CFEclipse and this will remove the comment background color .The option to change the back ground color is not available in preferences right now.You can also use option importing colorization file.



              Evelin Varghese

              Adobe ColdFusion Builder Team