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    Get url and Mask




      i have 2 problemes :


      1- is there a way to make use of any universal URL in flash ? i mean. not needing to have the full path of the target in the button since the target is in the same folder than the page where is the flash ?


      2- now, thats a funny one, i can make mask to make thing appear in an animation fashion style, no probleme as with any Adobe program... however unlike all other Adobe programs, it seem i am unable to find HOW make the exact reversed result... I want to make thing disappear without using the alpha channel, because i want to make it in an animation style way. It is to use for a sub-menu, where when you click the button to open the sub-menu, you see it appear nicely and in an animated way. But when you click again the button to close it, or once you picked your choice, it close the sub-menu in the exact reverse way it was open...


      Any clue ?.