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    FB4 - save/compile/launch problem

    TomBurgundy Level 1

      Hello Adobe,


      I am encountering a problem which occurs every now and then with the new FB4 release.


      Note that I have ticked a box in some popup so I don't get bothered anymore if I want to save the files before building/compiling.


      If I modify a file in the editor, then hit F11 to launch the application (without having saved the editor!), then rarely the application launches before a new build is started.


      Very often the sequence of events is correct, which is: save the modified file, rebuild, then launch.


      But just sometimes it seems to be: launch, rebuild, save the modified file. The weird thing then is that subsequent launches still do NOT reflect the modified code. I then have to manually clean and rebuild the project (or make changes & save to trigger a rebuild).