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    Proxy NTLM authentication

    benalembick Level 1



      I cant access remote machines (outside of my network) via RDS due to my companies proxy requiring NTLM authentication.


      I have spoken to our companies Tech team, they say the problem is they require NTLM authentication on the proxy and it appears that CFBuilder is not sending it in this secure way.


      The error i recieve is as follows:


      "Unable to contact the RDS Server #DOMAIN_NAME.COM#
      Error executing RDS command. Status Code : 407 , Reason : Proxy
      Authentication Required ( The ISA Server requires authorization to
      fulfil the request. Access to the Web Proxy filter is denied. )"


      I have googled the problem and found the following in a eclipse wiki - http://wiki.eclipse.org/ECF_Filetransfer_Support_for_NTLMv2_Proxies


      I have tried this but with no change to the situation.


      I would really really really appreciate any help anyone can offer, i feel so close to breaking through the switch to CFBuilder but think this may be a stumbling point.