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    Image glow

    saps101 Level 1

      Hello, I'm try to make a glow effect around images with css, simple... but images not have same size...

      This is my goal


      Someone can suggest me a tutorial to do this ?

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          pziecina Level 6



          Unfortunately at the moment there is no cross browser css that will work for this effect.

          Here are the possibilities -

          • For IE only use the glow filter.
          • For Browsers that support css3 border-image, use the border image property.
          • For cross-browser rendering, (not css) include the 'glow' effect as part of the image.
          • Use the 'rounded-corners' multi-div's' type of mark-up.


          A simple search for these items will show you links to tutorials / explanations of the various mark-up / css.